A new alpha of medusa is available. It contains many bugfixes, and allows many major games to be fully playable now. Notably, game-breaking bugs affecting Mario Kart DS, The World Ends With You, Star Fox Command, and more have been fixed. Some smaller hardware features have been added, but many are still missing. The full list of changes is below.


  • DS Audio: Add PSG audio
  • DS Slot-1: Improve savedata setup via IPC sniffing
  • DS Video: Add display capture blending


  • DS: Fix exposed CPU frequencies and audio timing
  • DS Audio: Fix audio sampling slightly too quickly
  • DS GX: Fix T-repeat textures (fixes #577)
  • DS GX: Fix 4-color texture coordinates
  • DS GX: Hack around writing to a full FIFO that has a swap pending (fixes #608)
  • DS GX: Fix bitmap textures when no palette is mapped (fixes #628)
  • DS GX: Don’t reset state between buffer swaps (fixes #642)
  • DS GX: Allow viewport to change in the middle of a frame
  • DS GX: Properly mask address for slot 2 4x4-texel textures
  • DS GX: Retain translucent polygon ID when drawing opaque fragments (fixes #661)
  • DS GX: Fix DMAs triggering too frequently (fixes #620, #583)
  • DS GX: Fix large textures wrapping
  • DS Slot-1: Emulate initial SPI command delay
  • DS Timers: Fix ARM9 timers running too fast
  • DS Video: Fix VRAM mirroring in the renderer (fixes #561)
  • DS Video: Fix extended modes 1.x screen base range (fixes #568)
  • DS Video: Capture with alpha bit set
  • DS Video: Bitmap sprites use alpha bit for transparent
  • DS Video: Fix blend bit on windows for 3D layer (fixes #611)
  • DS Video: Enable overflow bit on extended affine modes
  • DS Video: Fix extended mode 0 without extended palettes
  • DS Video: Fix capture stride
  • DS Video: Fix affine transformations in video capture
  • Feature: Fix resizing GIF buffer (fixes #695)


  • ARM9: Implement SMLAW and SMULW
  • ARM9: Implement STRD/LDRD
  • DS: Set boot complete bit in RAM on boot (fixes #576, #580, #586)
  • DS: Attempt to detect if a game is homebrew
  • DS Memory: Ensure DS9 I/O is 8-byte aligned
  • DS Slot-1: Emulate KEY delay
  • FFmpeg: Allow framerate to be adjusted
  • Qt: Add .nds files to the extension list in Info.plist
  • Qt: Add .srl as an extension for DS ROMs

Get it now in the Downloads section. Binaries are available for Windows and macOS, and the source code is available for all other platforms. Note that due to issues with the automated build system, there is not currently an alpha 2 build for Ubuntu.