A new release of mGBA, version 0.5.1, is available. This version is a bugfix release, which fixes many issues that weren’t caught before the release of 0.5.0. An extensive list of changes follows after the cut.


  • Core: Fix importing save games as read-only
  • FFmpeg: Fix encoding AAC
  • GB: Fix invalid STOP behavior on Game Boy Color
  • GB: Initialize audio properly
  • GB: Properly clear KEY1 bit 0 when switching speeds
  • GB: Properly unload save files when unloading a ROM
  • GB, GBA: Fix emulator hardlocking when halting with IRQs off
  • GB MBC: Fix MBC7 when size is incorrectly specified
  • GB MBC: Fix RTC access when no save file is loaded
  • GB SIO: Don’t auto-clock external shift clock
  • GB Video: Setting LYC=LY during mode 2 should trigger an IRQ
  • GB Video: Fix video frames getting missed when LCDC is off
  • GB Video: Clear screen when LCDC is off
  • GBA Cheats: Fix holding onto pointers that may get invalidated
  • GBA Cheats: Fix key-activated CodeBreaker cheats
  • GBA Cheats: Fix uninitialized memory getting freed when saving
  • GBA Hardware: Improve Game Boy Player rumble behavior
  • GBA Memory: Fix several unused I/O register read values
  • GBA Savedata: Fix loading savestates with 512Mb Flash saves
  • LR35902: Fix events running with the wrong cycle active
  • Qt: Fix “close” button on Overrides view
  • Qt: Fix saving overrides
  • Qt: Fix directory set unloading when replacing the ROM
  • Qt: Fix patch loading
  • Qt: Fix crash when saving an override if a game isn’t loaded
  • Qt: Fix showing default display driver as OpenGL (force 1.x)
  • SDL: Attach rumble in SDL frontend
  • Util: Fix PNG identification on files too small to be a PNG


  • All: Only update version info if needed
  • All: Split out install locations for Libretro and OpenEmu
  • FFmpeg: Encoding cleanup
  • GB: Reset active region when reloading ROM
  • GB Memory: Initialize RAM pattern for GBC
  • GB Video: Improved video timings
  • Qt: Manage window sizes slightly better
  • Qt: Remember scale option independent of core dimensions

Get it now in the Downloads section. Binaries are available for Windows, Ubuntu and OS X, and the source code is available for all other platforms.