mGBA playing Pokémon Red

For the past month, I’ve been working on a special surprise to be released with mGBA 0.5: Game Boy support. Although secondary to Game Boy Advance support, mGBA aims to have extremely accurate Game Boy support, eventually cycle accurate. Although still early in development, it already passes a high percentage of many GB accuracy test suites. However, it’s still quite rough around the edges and is not recommended for everyday usage: it’s quite slow due to the aim of cycle-accuracy, and still very buggy. Support will be available in upcoming nightlies, starting tonight.

Please note that this involved a gigantic amount of refactoring, so if you find a bug or regression, please make sure to report it on GitHub. Some features, such as rewinding, have been temporarily removed, but will return before 0.5.0 is released. Furthermore, many features are not yet supported for Game Boy, such as savestates.