A new release of mGBA, version 0.3.2, is available. This version is a bugfix release. An extensive list of changes follows after the cut.


  • ARM7: Implement undefined STRH/LDRH/LDRSH/LDRSB versions
  • ARM7: Fix bank switching with LDR[B]T/STR[B]T
  • Libretro: Fix problems with rumble not turning off
  • GBA: Fix idle skip state being retained between games
  • GBA: Initialize uninitialized pristineRom and pristineRomSize members
  • GBA BIOS: Fix CpuSet on 0x01XXXXXX addresses
  • GBA BIOS: Fix Sqrt sign
  • GBA BIOS: Fix misaligned RLUnCompReadNormalWrite*
  • GBA Hardware: Fix Game Boy Player rumble in Pokemon Pinball
  • GBA Memory: Fix DMA behavior for SRAM accesses
  • GBA Memory: Fix Store8 to OBJ VRAM
  • GBA Memory: Fix alignment of LDM/STM on SRAM
  • GBA Memory: Fix unaligned out-of-bounds ROM loads
  • GBA Memory: Fix timing of DMAs
  • GBA Video: Fix _mix for 15-bit color
  • GBA Video: Fix OAM and palette initialization
  • OpenGL: Fix fast-forward on some OpenGL drivers where it may block early
  • Qt: Use safer isLoaded check in GameController
  • Qt: Fix a race condition in PainterGL that could lead to a crash
  • Qt: Fix clear button/analog buttons in gamepad mapper on some platforms
  • Qt: Fix font size in memory viewer
  • Qt: Fix a crash in the memory viewer
  • Qt: Add additional checks in CheatModel to prevent crashes
  • Qt: Fix race condition with setting sample rate
  • Qt: Fix crash when closing multiplayer windows
  • Qt: Fix resetting while paused


  • GBA Audio: Implement missing flags on SOUNDCNT_X register
  • Qt: Add mute option to menu

Get it now in the Downloads section. Binaries are available for Windows, Ubuntu and OS X, and the source code is available for all other platforms.